Monday, 16 April 2012

80s: Lets dance!

In contrast to the clean silhouette of the 1970s era, tight fitting spandex clothes were on the rise with influences from punk fashion, Madonna, Michael Jackson and films such as "Flashdance". "Flashdance" was very popular with the general public and highly influenced the trend of dance wear being worn as street wear. These included tracksuits, ripped sweatshirts, legwarmers, sweatbands and coloured tights.
Michael Jackson highly popularized the trend of wearing shoulder pads after he released the video for his hit record, Thriller in 1982.

Today we are seeing a massive rise of dance wear influenced from the 1980s in high-street shops, fashion magazines and on the catwalk. From neon colours to tight fitting leggings, designers are giving the 1980s look their own twist to bring the era to the 21st century.

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